A window on a tiny world: Shelly Corbett toy photography

In the 1990’s, Seattle photographer Shelly Corbett was widely known for her underwater photographs of female models and dancers. Through an odd twist of fate, she was introduced to the world of toy photography and now her models stand only an inch and a half tall.  Voyeurism has always been a consistent theme in Corbett’s work, and this photo series is no different, as her goal is to reveal the hidden (secret) life of these popular toys.

Chelan Modern is tickled and delighted by these works and finds them to be quite moving. In particular, this image of Princess Leia departing on her final voyage takes us back to our childhood when we first fell in love with the Star Wars character and also reminds us that we all will face death and our own journey to the unknown. (It also speaks to a series of work we feature by artist Steve Jensen called “Voyager”.) The photographs are mounted on board and then covered with encaustic and carved. 

Shelly Corbett
Shelly Corbett “Going Home” 20×16″, 2017, $550

Also available at Chelan Modern are four super small works (6×6″) at $125 each:

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