Over the years, the two of us have amassed a diverse and eclectic art collection. Most of the work is by artists who live(d) in the Pacific Northwest from the mid-late 20th century to now. We also collect Asian art, Daguerreotypes, portraits, regional landscapes, graphic art, glass, ceramics, sculpture, objets d’art, and ephemera.  Because of the size of our collection, we are in the unique position of truly having “something for everyone.”

Here is a partial list of the artists in The Collection:

Peter Shire

Lockwood Dennis

Michael Spafford

Mary Henry

Dennis Evans

Jeffry Mitchell

Blanche Morgan Losey

Ross Palmer Beecher

David C. Kane

Larry Bemm

Laurie Chambers

Elizabeth Sandvig

George Chacona

Darren Waterston

Ken Kelly

Rod Weagant

Lynda Barry

Jill Reynolds

James Lavadour

Doris Chase

Elizabeth Aurich

Bernard Pfriem

Larry Calcagno


Gregory Grenon

Jena Scott

Lisa Buchanan

Mike Hascall

Jessica Dodge

Jeff Gunn

Jeff Guess

Doug Parry

Jeffrey Simmons

Keith Beckley

Jeffrey Bishop

Andy Keating

Michael Burns

Marsha Burns

Jena Scott

Gene Gentry McMahon

Caroly Kreig

T. Michael Gardiner

Joseph Park

Gail Grinnell

Rick Bartow

Whiting Tennis

Herbert Ferber




Drake Deknatel

Andy Gerber

Arthur S. Aubry

Joe Reno

C.T. Chew

Bill Ritchie

Joseph Goldberg

Norie Sato

Sherrie Markowitz

Tony Fitzpatrick

Charles Krafft

Eugene Pizzuto

Mary Randlett

Roy Hill

Anna B. Stone

Ray Charles White

Peter Leibing

Jock Sturges

Jan Saudek

Jimmy Jet

Jason Starkie

Niel Vandervloed

Shawn Ferris