Who we are

We are two art collectors from Seattle. Linda Cannon ran her award-winning contemporary art gallery in Seattle’s Pioneer Square from 1994-2000. She grew up in Lake Chelan where her parents owned and operated Cannon’s Resort. Ian McFail is an art picker with an uncanny ability to spot a gem and encyclopedic knowledge of art. Friends for 25 years, and a couple for the past 10, we share our passion for art, history, and art collecting. (And skiing.)

Linda Cannon Gallery
Linda Cannon Gallery opening, 1994, Pioneer Square

What we sell

We feature modern and contemporary painting, sculpture, works on paper, and photography. We have hundreds of works in our personal collection and we also consign art by 23 artists to show in the gallery. Most of our artists are middle to late career artists and have connections in the Northwest. In addition, we offer consignments of pre-owned artworks. Works in the gallery range from $200 to $15,000. The average price for a large painting is $5000.

How to buy

This venture has been a long time coming! We’ve dreamed of this day for the better part of a decade. We cannot reiterate enough that for this venture to be successful, we need you to buy art now! We ask our supporters to click the SHOP NOW button, select an amount, and commit to buying art from us! You can start shopping now, no need to wait. Or you can select from new works as they arrive at the gallery. If you want a flourishing arts community in Chelan and if you want to encourage us to continue in Seattle when this venture is over, NOW is the time to check out the Buyers Club link and join.

Chelan Modern

“Modern” art refers to the modern art movement of the 20th century. Ian came up with the name when we wondered what would happen if we brought Northwest masters to Chelan along with the contemporary artists that we show. The gallery will show both modern and contemporary art. We have 100s of pieces in our collection and we also show new works by established artists such as David C. Kane, Andrew Keating, and Lisa Buchanan. In addition, we will introduce a few emerging artists and feature artists who paint Eastern Washington landscapes. There’s a lot on our mind and a lot to try!

Linda Cannon Gallery was voted Seattle’s Best Art Gallery and regularly covered in the media. Her press includes Art in America, the New York Times and NPR as well as local news coverage.

Because we have been stockpiling artwork, we can have unique offerings that will surprise you. We believe you should love the piece you go home with and look forward to working with you.

Michael Spafford, Marsha Burns, Patrick Siler art on display  at Chelan Modern
Michael Spafford, Marsha Burns, Patrick Siler art on display at Chelan Modern
Chelan Modern
Setting up Chelan Modern for opening

But first…

You’re asking yourself, why not? You want a contemporary gallery in Chelan, you know you can count on us to provide you with wonderful art opportunities, and so it’s a what they call a win-win. You to commit to buy from us so that we can keep our doors open and then continue with the venture. We’re ready now! Instead of a Kickstarter campaign, we are asking our collectors and supporters to join the Buyers Club. Click the button and support us today!